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"Occult Forces" (1943) -- National Socialist Anti-Freemasonry Film

One of the most unique and uniquely odd film I have seen.
Considering when and where it was made, the production values are almost unbelievably high. It seems to have been made in occupied France, with the clear intent to blame the Freemasons as dupes and/or masterminds in engineering the outbreak of war.
While proving the premise seems like it would be an uphill battle, the film demonstrates great care in citing historical events within France to back this up. Citing Freemason infiltration into the German government as well (i.e., Nazi establishment), for a supposedly "National Socialist" (read NAZI) film, it does a really good job of making the German Freemason agitator look like a bad guy! A last minute attempt by the Nazi collaborators to shuffle blame to the Freemasons for the war not going so well? I wonder...
Prescott Bush (yes the ancestor of the American presidents) did funnel cash to the Nazis to get them started... member of Skull and Bones, subsidiary of Freemasons. Obviously there is a real-life tie in here somewhere! So one cannot dismiss the film's premise out of hand.
Students of freemasonry and NWO detectives will find here the most lavish and detailed expositions of secretive Masonic ritual I have ever seen. Others more knowledgeable than I say it is stunningly accurate. This alone made it worth watching.

For more info on current relevance of the movie, may I suggest;

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Run time 51 minutes 34 seconds
Audio/Visual sound


Reviewer: donsiye - - June 20, 2015
Subject: Seen better Propaganda films
If anyone thinks that the war was started in the way they portrayed is naïve.
The Treaty of Versailles tried to destroy Germany, but it only helped to create Hitler and another world war.
Everyone knows that wars are good for business, and especially the money lenders.
The funniest part of the film was all the favors they asked of Avenel.
Reviewer: Leighdf - - May 26, 2015
Subject: Presents a Bizarro World version of Freemasonry
It's not what I'd call "stunningly accurate", but I'm sure it served the purposes of the Nazi propaganda ministry that commissioned it. I think some reviewers may miss the point... it's not INTENDED to be an accurate expose of Freemasonry. Nor is it a film "about occult Nazis". This is pro-Nazi propaganda which is purely anti-Masonic. As such it paints masons as secretive, conniving, and manipulative warmongers. It is no coincidence that Avenel's first conversation after initiation is with a Jew. The purpose of this film is to foment distrust of a group of people whose philosophy is at odds with that of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.

Definitely worth watching to see the Nazis' mindset. While viewing, remember... this is a Nazi portrayal of their enemies.

The subtitles could have been done better, but they were serviceable. The English-speaking viewer should plan to rely on pause, rewind, and freeze-frame now and again. You'll be glad of it, as the captions do much more than simply translate. They also impart important historical information that would otherwise be lost on a modern viewer.
Reviewer: carer2 - - May 1, 2014
Subject: French
It should be pointed out that this film is French language with English sub-titles which I could not read very well as they do not stay on the screen long enough.Pity,because it looked interesting.
Reviewer: Amish 01 - - December 5, 2012
Subject: Propaganda 101
The claim of the film about a 'judeo-masonic' is just disinfo straight from the Protocols where the Freemason's world revolution is then spun to be a Jewish conspiracy, whether the Freemasons or the Pope is correctly identified as part of the revolution it is said they are all 'jewish'. Texe Marrs and many others continue to do this today. The Freemasons are Knights Templar & Jesuit priest founded. That is who wrote the degrees and who the top level answers to, unknown to the lower levels.

During ww2 Germany and in the USSR also, Freemasonry was simply folded into the political dictatorships. All lodges not part of this were dissolved and members who would not go along arrested along with others. The Nazi Party was founded by the Teutonic Knights - German Templars - at their Thule Society, by a Freemason!

Skull n Bones like other Greek letter college fraternities was founded by Freemasons.

A better film about the occult Nazis would be: Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy
Reviewer: bmoviehost - - February 19, 2012
Subject: Who wrote this summary?
Whoever he is, he's dangerously ignorant.

Skull and Bones has absolutely NO affiliation with Freemasonry. These conspiracy theory fools are always ignorant and always sensationalistic. If you think the Masons run the world, you should see them try to organize a picnic!
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